The best way to earn money on the stock market (without much effort)

Today, January 21, is "Black Friday" in the financial markets.And so it is starting to "discounts" heavy items, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. As a result, the overwhelming majority of people who are interested in the topic of investment turned to the Internet to find the best way to earn money.For those who have been following their passion from the very beginning, this is a tiny "coupon" that will allow them to start earning money on the stock market right now.The best way to earn money in the stock market is usually to buy index funds. But there are also options that allow you to earn money by investing your money in long-term investments.Be sure to check whether the stock index you are interested in has started to move up or down recently (so that you don't lose your money in its previous runs).The best option for this is to purchase shares through your brokerage account. In this case, you will need to wait until the quotes increase or fall. The following will show you how quickly and in what direction your investment has grown (and how it is now worth taking a risk on it):1) Strong growth in the stock market over the past yearOr in other words, today's crisis is the coronavirus, which many times it has brought the whole world to its knees. We are talking about a very large financial crisis, in which millions of companies are implicated. The US economy has plunged into a recession, and this is the strongest so far.In the world, there are now about 3 million billionaires, which is a record high.And this does not include the many thousands of entrepreneurs who are now trying to "hang" in the "bear market". 2) in a crisis, only the strong survive  We are all suffering from lack of money. And if you are a professional in one of the trade, then only the very strongest survive. For example, I've been writing articles for a long time, and my earnings do not allow me to buy so-called "beautiful" shares.a new Apple.I also continue to make money by renting out real estate, etc.3) in the long run, stock prices are growing over a long period of timeThis is probably the only good thing you can do with your investments.And this is for the simple reason that right now there is a global "sale" of stocks (which has nothing to do with us). financial crises, etc.).Therefore, you should not buy shares during a downturn (and hold your money during a prolonged pause in the economy).4) Why choose this path over the rest?Well, for one thing, the path of least resistance (so to speak, the shortest path to big income) is clearly outlined in the