A simple investment strategy (for novice investors)

Why do some people have to save money for a pension, while others are able to do without much effort?This question concerns everyone, because it affects every person as well.Even the most experienced investors "smear" the low-margin investments they've made, making them poorer for it.In this article, we will talk about how to start your journey as an investor, so that in the future you have financial capital (and a stable income from it).Start to invest and multiply your money correctly:1) Fear.This is probably the most insidious fear, because it "rules" the size of the amount of money that the human hand can reach.It is this fear that has led millions of people around the world to their multimillion-dollar investments. investments.We are afraid of losing our invested money — which, according to the investment industry, rules the largest portfolios.We are afraid of losing our money on the "Russian bear", which, according to all estimates, is nearing the end of the year. the year.We are also afraid of losing our money on the "Japanese bubble", which, according to all forecasts, burst.2) Speculation.This is probably the second most insidious fear, because it "rules" the size of the market your investment.It is this fear that makes people actively or passively invest their money in various financial instruments (brokerages, stock indexes, etc.).We are all just speculators, not managers (who actually make money on the investment).But if you analyze all this by hand, you will realize that it is very likely that in all of these cases, the investment is made only by users.speculators:According to investment companies, the vast majority of active traders are not engaged in investing their clients' money.3) " Black-ish".This is a variant of the previous one.When someone is seriously worried about the fact that their investment is losing its value, then they begin to actively search for alternatives.And this is a very bad idea.If you actively search for any reason not to invest your money, then you will not be surprised by shady offers from scammers. scams.4) " Bad " color.This is a bit more subtle.The fact is that synthetic diamonds (as a rule) have a very bad "breath", and that a counterfeiter deliberately tries to deceive the customer in some way.Therefore, if you see someone who pretends to be interested in investing (for some reason unknown to him), then you know that they are participating in a fraudulent operation. investment scheme.5) " Buying a lottery ticket. It's not a big deal."This phrase is often heard as an explanation for why people don't want to invest their money. In which person do you gamble?I advise you to keep such words "around" your wallet.